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Jennifer Horspool

"This is a life changer for me. I look in the mirror and I’m HAPPY!! I put on my clothes and I feel good about myself. I’m back to ME! I’m back to fit and my legs looks fabulous. I know that’s from the supplements in addition to the diet. I haven’t had great legs in a long time. I’m so so so pleased. I find this diet easy and welcoming. Meeting with Min each week is my inspiration to do well. My clothes fit better. My energy level is high and I’m in a good mood. When we look good, we feel great. And that is now thanks to 3StepDiet. I am so pleased with this diet.

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Susana Proença

"What I liked the most besides the friendliness and availability of the team was that I didn't feel hungry nor did I feel like eating a lot."

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Rute Pacheco

"I've always had a lot of self-love, but today I gained more confidence. I learned to eat. I know how to go to restaurants and order delicious, low-calorie and very healthy foods. Today I consider myself a healthy person. "

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Filipa Coelho

"With 3StepDiet, I managed to keep myself motivated and focused over time, thanks to the excellent weekly monitoring, which “forces” us to a commitment to our well-being and also to those who are trying to help us."

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Luísa Teixeira

"I learned to eat, started exercising (walking and running) and, above all, I increased my self-esteem! I started to like myself more! And of course I went from an XXXL to an L! Do as I do! "

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  • I’ve lost over 20 lbs in 9 weeks and its the easiest diet I’ve ever done.
    I’m loving this diet. It’s doable with real life eating. Even restaurants and I get desserts!! And cheese. And coffee. I’m so impressed. And I’m looking fit again yay me 🎉🙌❤️

    — Jennifer Horspool

  • I never imagined that following 3StepDiet would make me change my mind so much. Especially when you get to know yourself and like yourself. This Diet really changed my life!

    — Tânia Lima

  • I totally recommend 3StepDiet, it is a 100% healthy diet and easy to follow. We are very well monitored and with excellent results. I lost 45lbs in 3 months.

    — Carla Santos

  • Today, 7 months have passed, I feel like another woman, happier, more poised and every day that passes I say that after all I am a strong and confident person.

    — Cristina Gomes

  • Now I feel much better about myself and have lost a lot of image complexes. I feel much happier and in my thirties I can say that I feel better than ever.

    — Filipa Coelho

  • Along with the weight loss, I gained better health, more self-esteem and my life improved in every way.

    — Emília Velez

  • The 3StepDiet helped me to reverse what was wrong. From the typical foods of college days, to the sedentary life I had. It was really worth it!

    — Mafalda Canoa

  • The most important part of this journey was learning to be healthy and to smile again in the mirror.

    — Rute Pacheco

  • Every week I notice a difference, not only physically, but my self-esteem has improved in a fantastic way.

    — Bárbara Rocha

  • I recommend! Because in addition to reaching my ideal weight, I have managed to maintain it with everything I learned.

    — Olga Fernandes

  • I learned to eat, started exercising (walking and running) and, above all, I increased my self-esteem! I started to like myself more!

    — Luísa Teixeira

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