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3StepDiet® gives you recipes for real, nutritious, delicious foods. You get variety and your favorites every week!
Smart Food
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Get to know your metabolism

We establish an on-going evaluation of your body’s metabolic reaction to various ingredients by introducing different customized meal plans each week. This gives you personalized weight loss strategies you can use for life, even after you reach your goal.

Your dedicated Registered Dietitian creates customized, science-based meal plans just for you.

We combine the right dietary supplements with nutritious meals to help boost your metabolism, improve your health, and get you to your goals, faster.

Essential nutrients

Increased energy level

Variety of proteins and healthy fats

Healthier food habits

Gradual increase of carbohydrates

Long-term sustained weight loss

Upon reaching STEP 3, you will have made the full transition to a healthy Mediterranean diet foundation with lifelong healthy habits.

What will you eat?

We’ve got you covered with over 200 recipes ready for you to pick your favorites. This is what a typical day with 3StepDiet® can look like…

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Kiwi Overnight Oats

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Morning snack

Baked Zucchini Chips

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Cucumber and Salmon Rolls

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Afternoon Snack

Pear and Yogurt

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Seared Tuna with Spinach Arugula Pesto

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Night snack


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